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Note Board LED

Note Board LED

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The Note Board LED is a product that allows you to create a customizable message board using LED light. It consists of a rectangular board with an array of LED light that can display messages or designs using different colors and animation effects.

The Note Board LED can be controlled through a mobile app, which allows you to input your message, choose your desired colors and animation effects, and set a schedule for when the message should be displayed. The app also provides pre-designed templates to choose from, making it easy to create professional-looking messages.

The product is ideal for use in homes, offices, restaurants, or any other space where you want to display messages or artwork in a creative and eye-catching way.


Material: Acrylic, LED, Electronic Component
Board: Transparent
Base: White
Type: Blank, Calendar, Heart
Light Color: Warm
Blank: Board: 10*15cm; Base: 9.7*4cm
Calendar: Board: 10*15cm; Base: 9.7*4cm
Heart: 13.3*12cm; Base: 9.7*4cm
Power Way: USB Input
Voltage: 5V 1A
Package Details:
1pc x Acrylic Board
1pc x Base
1pc x Pen

Package Included: 
1Set x Message Board Lamp
Packing Safely in Bubble Bag. 

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